About Us

Step into the world of Ya Omri Swimwear, the ultimate destination for luxury and inclusivity. Our name is inspired by the Arabic language, conveying our commitment to providing you with confidence, glamour, and empowerment. We believe that every woman deserves to feel amazing, whether at the beach or in their everyday lives, and that's why we offer a premium and unique collection of swimwear, bikinis, and cover-ups that cater to women of all shapes and sizes. But our swimwear isn't just about the beach - it's designed to provide comfort and versatility, allowing you to express your creativity and capture your everyday beauty.

Drawing inspiration from the Middle East, our distinctive collection exudes elegance and sophistication. Our founder's East African roots and London upbringing infuse the brand with a commitment to diversity and an empowering story. So when you're shopping for a swimsuit, choose one that you truly adore - one that reflects your individuality and boosts your confidence. Let Ya Omri Swimwear be your ultimate companion in your journey towards self-love and empowerment.

Feel that positivity, believe in yourself, feel Ya Omri.