Dreams grow if you grow

Dreams grow if you grow

‘Dreams grow if you grow’ — Zig Ziglar

We all have dreams, hopes and wishes. Overtime I have learnt that its not about having hopes or wishes. Its about having a goal, knowing how to reach it, visualizing yourself reach it and making that dream a reality. We always hear this saying make your dream a reality. What does that actually really mean?

Through experience, my definition to make your dream a reality is when you grow, when you learn from your mistakes, when you are in alignment with yourself, in the present moment and you set your goals. The term growth can come in all different facets, mainly from experience in your life journey so don’t compare your growth to another person. Growth is making progress and making yourself a better version. Growth should be daily and doesn’t need to be big, it can be small yet impactful for you. Growth is adding value in yourself and others. Taking small steps and sometimes taking some steps backwards is how you will move forwards. As long as you set yourself a task each day to make yourself a better version and never forget to help others each day; either it be with your kindness or your time. So you’re probably wondering well how does this get me to achieve my dreams. Well this is it, your dreams are becoming a reality already, that growth turns into alignment and when your aligned you are receiving even more inspiration and moving forward with the focus your putting into your daily practice.

Take a second and think about what you want, quieten your mind and visualize it, then think about what you need to do to get there. You will most likely start getting a notebook right now and writing down the goals you need to achieve this dream and make it a reality. Just don’t pressure yourself to make it happen now, be focused, positive and clear your mind from any fear, doubt and worry. Once your aligned you can make it a reality. 

Ya Omri